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my name is Kenzie and I am 14 not 19 so college boys DON'T get ur hopes up

Any who I like to read dance act and cheer

I have 4 brothers and three little sisters

NICK ( my twin) 14
Me ( MCKAYLA ) 14
ADDISEN 6 ( different mom)
AINSLEY. 2(different mom)
SAWYER. 2 (different dad)
But we are all siblings and nothing less

And they are all over protective but I still love them well most of the time any way most of the time it's at the bare minimum

Oh and my real birthday is JUNE 14 2000 YEP THAT RIGHT PEOPLE FLAG DAY OH AND THE ONLY REASON I. PUT 1995 was because I did NOT want to have an age restriction

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    update this is so good it's also really funny
    My Brother's Best Friend
    My Brother's Best...
    *not famous* Liam, my brother, has a friend, his name is Niall. I have the biggest crush on him. The problem is that Niall has a girlfriend, Jessica, he is Liam's best friend, and Liam is too protective...
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    Thanks!!! I will update soon!
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    I'm crying I will be those 55 year old lady crying when they do there last concert it's sad to think that in a couple of years there will be no more one direction they Niall Louis Liam Zayn Harry will still be living but them as a whole won't it's just hard I lost HANNAH Montana already I really don't want to lose one direction
    The last concert // One Direction O.S
    The last concert...
    Forty years after the time of their fame the five men receive a special letter, asking them to realize one last wish : performing a last time for their fans.
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