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I LOVE 1D but I like country so in the flashbacks of my story it will probably have me singing a country song. All my characters who are suppose to be me have Long blonde curly hair and are really tan with blue eyes like Nialls. So anyways I'm gonna stop writing, i realized i suck and don't have time for it anyways.

  • I_<3_Liam_Payne
    FYI: when you wrote the chapter jealousy, you wrote that twice and its back to back chapters
    Sex addict w/ Friendly benefits
    Sex addict w/ Frie...
    Hi ! I'm Daylan me and my new roomies just moved into a condo ... && marieanna my bestfriend needs a place to stay . I find out marieanna also has feelings for my roomies but I also think I'm in love with...
  • I_<3_Liam_Payne
    Just update regularly, because if people are reading it and liked it they have to wait.
    I Fight For U +16
    I Fight For U +16
    Louis Tomlinson goes to Doncaster High . With werewolves . All his friends are werewolves and for a long time . He was the only human .But He was changing . The first day of his Senior year he had became...
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