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~Hunter Rose~
Hey Guys,
So I believe that first impressions aren't the thing that defines you for life, but it does still help to make a good one. Every time you step into a new place, talk to a new person, it's an impression and probably what that place or person will remember you for, until you meet again. And I suppose it's the same on the internet.
My name is Hunter Rose and it is the name I write all of my work under. I am 13 years old and that means actually sitting down and putting effort into writing can be a struggle when you really want to go out with your friends or waste away your life on the comfort that is the internet. But I do make time.
I think the main reason I write is to escape the world I'm already in, so I can experience things I maybe can't do in my own life but when you write, there is nothing stopping you. I think I was born a writer. It sounds very cliche but I really do think I was. I remember being about six or seven and making a book from crumpled up pieces of A4 paper and stapling them together and writing about a Shepard and his sheep, that he lost. Not really original but I do believe that was the moment I became a writer.
-Hunter Rose Writes ( My Blog)

  • ~Hunter Rose~
    This Is really good! I like how fast paced it is! There are some minor mistakes of just one or two wrong letters in words but other than that it's really very good! I can't wait to read more. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a look at my newest story and maybe leaving some feedback there?

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