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Hey guys! My name is Jessica. I love to read, write, sing, act, dance, horseback ride, ice skate, swim and dance. I love fanfcitions. I love One Direction, Magcon, Youtubers and youtube and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Just so you know, this movellas account, I don't post anything. Its just for me to keep track of the fanficitoms I read and so then I can read them during road trips when I don't have any wifi.

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  • horsecrazygal1
    I love this chapter! I'm glad you updated because I LOVE this fanficiton!!
    "Not my Type."
    "Not my Type."
    I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not...
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