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Fashion, JB, 1D, Makeup, Beauty, Music, Singing, Writing Novels, Twitter, Rapping, NOH8, Modern Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Footloose, BRAVE, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Hunger Games Movie.

Haters, Bullies, Attention Whores, Trash Talkers, Copy Cats, Hypocrites.

I absolutely love writing. If you can't respect me or my writings then get off my page....like....NOW!
Xx, Rachel

From Melbourne to Sydney. Born and raised (Or at least I like to think so ;D). <3 Australia

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    mumbled "PLEASE READ!!!! PLEASE FOR ME!!!!"

    I'm still open to making cool movellas covers (like the one below) for anybody that wants one made for them. Just Kik me some pictures of the main characters, the title of the movellas and your username. Kik me here: AcapellaHarmony
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    mumbled "PLEASE READ!"

    Looking for an awesome cover for your movellas?! Look no further! I can create awesome covers like the one below. It is my personal favorite and I can make ones even better than that so do not doubt my awesomeness! If you would like a cover made by me, comment your Kik and I will message you about the cover(: BTW, my Kik is AcapellaHarmony
    The first directioner
    i woulld like some cool covers made by you plzzzz my kik is seriously_monika1
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    vor 7 Jahren
    Hey @Thefirstdirectioner, you are going to have Kik me because it says you aren't on here (Kik that is)
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    Please update!!!! I LOVE IT!
    Dark (Liam Payne Fanfic)
    Dark (Liam Payne...
    Becca Morris is an eighteen year old girl. She miss goody two shoes. She makes good grades, always follows the rules, and has a perfect life. But that might change. Liam Payne marked her. She couldn't...
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