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  • heyitsme0531

    mumbled "what should i do I NEED HELP "

    okay so i write so many fan-fics on paper idk witch one to put up here i wanna do one by one so.... should it be one about abby a depressed girl who lives in a adoption center and gets saved by harry ( pretty much a harry fan-fic ) or a vampire story about the boys being vampires where a girl falls in love with lou and all this vampire stuff happens ( louis fan-fic ) or a story about a girl named jessica who also lives in an orphange bod gets kicked out at 18 and the boys take her in and she falls in love with liat a m ( liam fan-fic ) or a story about a girl named bella who cuts and is sucidal and depressed and all that stuff who was abused niall kidnappes her and the name of the story is story of my life btw there supernatural creatures ... wizards vampire werewolf ect (nial fan-fic ) or a story were a girl is walking and shes sees everybody crowding around nandos for one direction ugh there gose her dinner she starts walking home when she is taken by a mystery man ( harry fan-fic ) or all about me and how i cut and stuff like that lol jk that last one is not an opion but it is true but foreal give me titles choose if u want u can change story of my lufe to diana and change bella to diana idk somebody help ahhhhhh to many fan-fic i write in the real world lol go go go !!!!!!!!!!!!! pick and love it lol bye <3
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    my bad auto correct the last one is a zayn fan-fic opps anyway go go go