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  • heyitsashley
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    Pretty please update.
    ..It is my favorite book so far please update
    texting   h.s
    texting h.s
    Myla receives a text from an unknown number. But what happens when she replies and she starts to fall for the anonymous texter. HARRY DOESN'T COME INTO IT UNTIL CHAPTER 8, SO JUST HANG ON! THEY'RE VERY...
  • heyitsashley
    please update

    and im sorry dont mean to be annoying, but i am thinking every one in the comments read the poem already and i was wondering if any one could check mine out it is Here, Bad Economy . It is a brian turner emulation that i worked on for quite a while. Its okay if you dont i know it was rude of me to ask in the comments but i really want to share my poem with people
    Ex Best Friend
    Ex Best Friend
    "Michael?!?" "Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me. "Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."
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