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My Fandoms include Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Once Upon A Time etc etc, Don't expect common updates from me lol

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    This seems interesting, update please!
    The Next Golden Trio: Book One
    The Next Golden...
    Albus Potter is on his way to his first year at Hogwarts, in the same year as his cousin, Rose. On the Hogwarts Express, they become fast friends with an unlikely person. What happens when their parents...
  • Galaxy_Of_Books
    Sorry I havent updated, I just haven't had any inspiration lately, I'll try and update soon
    You're A Witch
    You're A Witch
    Fallyn Burk is going to Hogwarts this year, and is super excited. With her mom being a beauxbaton, she is part veela, and very beautiful. Her dad is from Hogwarts and says that it is the most magical place...
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