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Don’t give up.

  • HarrysKryptonite
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    You have a very good plot line so far. Your writing style is very impressive and I'm sure I will enjoy your story. Don't give up writing it even if you don't get a million reads or what not. I think your a talented writer and what you write has meaning. Great job!
    Change Me
    Change Me
    Carly was always my best friend. She was different. She was a vampire. I accepted her for who she was. I believed in her. It wasn't long, though, until she used her curse against me. And now, we are...
  • HarrysKryptonite
    Hahaha, this is GREAT! I'm in love, I wouls so very much love it if you read mine?! Anywho this is great!!
    You Suddenly Want Me (A One Direction Fanfiction)
    You Suddenly Want...
    Jordan and Louis have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember, no more, no less. They were the inseparable, the two that everyone predicted would end up together, everyone thought they were...
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    Thank you! And sure I will when I get home from school (:
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