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I like rainy days .
I prefer the pool over the beach .
I'm a Cali girl .
I wanna go to Paris and London .
I like basketball .
I'm in middle school .
3.something G.P.A.
I love skittles .
I hate hugs .
I like to hang with guys for some reason .
You should follow me on instagram . (cuteasfxckbaee)
I like cake .
I was born on May 28 .
I like to write and read A LOT .
I'm Single ;)
I wanna marry Jacob Whitesides . ^.^
I wanna lose my virginity to Justin Bieber . ;)
I wanna have my first kiss with Austin Mahone . :$
I'm so ghetto .
I like love songs but some get on my nerves .
I HATE Drake ! >:(
I wanna learn how to tagg .
I'm in love with graffiti .
I don't believe in love . </3

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