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I'm a girl who loves foxes and my bff is Wolfheart who i've known most of my life so you'll see lots of movellas done by both of us hope you like them. Oh and I definitely have one direction-infection;)
this rabbit means i am a fan of J.K Panesar. So yeah i am not sure what else to write except I LOVE COOKIES!! and.....Pewdiepie! as you can tell i can be really random so heres some random facts about me:

Name: Lottie (although most people don't call me it i use it for accounts like movellas and stuff like that).
Favourite quote: 'don't be a salad, be the best god dame broccoli you could ever be' ~pewdiepie
Likes: music, art, history, RANDOMNESS, sleep! and of course FOOD!
dislikes: P.E, that noise you get when you rub styrofoam together!, cold weather and GETTING UP EARLY!

hope u enjoyed reading! sorry my description of me was long:( i look forward to seeing your names in the comments of my stories BYE!!!:):):)

  • Pewds_forever<3
    Hi can I be in your story? My names Lottie I have long, wavy medium brown hair blue/gray eyes and I really love pewdiepie and marzia...youtube Is my life! ^_^ I'm a lot like marzia apart from the hair and eyes!
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    Survivng the zombi...
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  • Pewds_forever<3
    I've got brown hair and blue eyes I would like an imagine with harry please! And I like dance thanks x
    \\One direction imagines// You can request an imagine by telling me; Name: Hair/eye colour: Hobbies: Boy(band member): Category(sweet,sad..etc):
  • Pewds_forever<3
    Update right now ! This is amazing !!!!! Xoxoxox
    Liam Payne fan fiction. A girls life is completely changed by Liam Payne and his 'friends'. -One direction aren't really famous in this but all of them are in the book and their current girlfriends. There...
  • Pewds_forever<3
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    Amazing please update I can't wait to know what happens next xxx
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    My New Stepdad
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    We will do soon!!! :) thank you so much for reading :)
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