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Hi there. I'm 'Harley', a british teen that likes to translate stories from my head to a piece of paper, or in this case, a site. Writing means a lot to me I guess, and I want to share it to see what other people think. Can't hurt to try :)

  • Harley Jeans
    Some feedback would be very much appreciated?
    Flesh and Blood
    Flesh and Blood
    In 2020 Britain, Avril is one of the very few humans left. Ravaged by malevolent demons, human Britain is hanging by a thread. A revolution of blood is taking over the world, drop by drop and Avril finds...
  • Harley Jeans

    First time for everything

    Hi. It's my first time on Movella and I've heard it's a great place to share, write and read other people's work. As every nervous newbie, I'm constantly looking at my Movella updates in case any of you guys have been nice enough to leave a comment. My first Movella's Flesh and Blood and I would really very much appreciate some comments. Thanks :)
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