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Seems like you've stumbled into an account XD
Nothing important.
Given to me by Mel and wants me to continue.

  • Giovanniii

    mumbled "Given."

    Hi :D I'm a simple person(No not really calm yourself). I'm hilarious(Just kidding I'm retarded with no sense of humor). This is not my account really. If you guys remember Mel and that shit,on Instagram she gave away her Movellas. And since I'm one of her worthy friends she let meh have it. I'm not a woman peoples calm yourself. But I'm just saying I'm serious at times when I have to be. I'll be happy with working with you ^~^
  • Giovanniii

    I'll make you a FREE cover!

    Here's the info.

    Katy Erin
    vor 5 Jahren
    Hello :)

    Title: Altercation

    Author: Katy Canavan

    Summary: a girl has been half running away half starting a revolution, but this is a sequel, and she is sort of regaining power but joining this government at the same time, sort of starting a revolution.

    Ideas: It'd be great if it could feature the colours green and black and also if it could feature the silhouettes of a swan and of an eagle, the eagle being more powerful. Whatever you find works!

    Genre: SciFi, Distopian.

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    I'll get on it :)
    Katy Erin
    vor 5 Jahren
    thanks! :)
  • Giovanniii
    Not to be rude but you have some awful grammar. I love black butler but this is really a disgrace...
    Ciels Visitor
    Ciels Visitor
    Chloe finds herself in the middle of a big storm. She finnaly spots a mansion up ahead. She only intends to stay for 1 night, but will Ciel want her for more?
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    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! YOU DONT JUST TELL A PERSON THAT!!! Didn't your mother ever tell you not to say something if it isn't nice!?!?
    Sierra Collins
    vor 5 Jahren
    While that is a rude way to adress it @GlovannIII, @[Zraven27] a quick copy and paste into word to check grammar and spelling wouldn't hurt. It's how I check all of my chapters before posting them. Just a friendly suggestion so please do not take it as an isult
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    wow that's a nice way to address it...o_o But yeah I agree with @[Harrycurls]
  • Giovanniii
    This sounds so good I want to read further :D and it's Emely.
    I can't wait to read more
    The Coaches Daughter (English Football Romance)
    The Coaches Daught...
    Ismei is the coaches daughter. Her dad, Joe Smith, runs an under 10's football team. Ismei and her best friend, Amie, decide to go to the final match of the season. But little did Ismei know that the under...
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