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though I try to get you out of my head, the truth is I got lost without you

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    mumbled "Go fan her please"

    Hey guys! If you want an author who will update consistently and be active on here go follow @[g i r l a l m i g h t y] !! She'll update regularly i promise!! Shes like me...just active...and a good writer. Okayy well thank you if you fan her, you wont be disappointed i promise (comment if you notice who she is ����)
  • 1Direction infection
    This is just for you! So for the past few months I've been working on putting together a story for you guys.. I was going through my stories and realized how I truly SUCK At writing! So I wanted to make a story that you all would love! Before I publish this story and begin updating I need my cover and trailer.. I'm working on my cover but I have a question? Do you know anybody who is amazing at making trailers?? I'd give credit and I really need one! Eventually I'll choose and I'll give the person my kik and all the story info! Thank you bunches and I'll definitely make my comeback before 2015, if not then in January! I love you guys so much and I know it's unfair to leave you like I did but I had so much going on.. My life went downhill! But I have a feeling 2015 will be amazing and I will finally be back to writing because it's what I love most! Other then all of you! Hehe, thank you for sticking with me and I love you! ��
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