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I'm a writer of things and a lover of words. I have a Master's in English Literature to prove it. :)

I was a former Community Manager: The Movie

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    White Blossoms
    von Jess N
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    Lost and Found
    von Jess N
  • Jess N
    vor 3 JahrenAntworten
    Woah! You changed your profile pic and it looks so cool. :o
    vor 3 Jahren
    Thank you! It took me a while, but I got there eventually (after coming very close to throwing my laptop out a window XD)

    I know you changed yours a little while ago, but I like your new profile picture too! :D
  • Jess N

    mumbled "Officially out the door"

    vor 3 JahrenAntworten
    I'm officially packed up and out of the Movellas office. The new Community Manager, @[Skye S] , will take all your questions!

    My parting gifts from the team was a bottle of Tabasco sauce, a huge box of chocolates, and a new writing journal/pen. It's like they know me! Thanks so much for the laughs and all those talks around the coffee machine @[Rebecca Guacan] and @[Charsarah]! I wish you all the best of luck. :D

    In other news, why did I say I'd write every day during the month of November? I forgot that writing is hard. :'(

    Annabeth Fett
    vor 3 Jahren
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    I'll miss you,

    Good Luck
    vor 3 Jahren
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    I'll miss you
    vor 3 Jahren
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    We'll miss you @[Jess N] ! :)
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