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  • adriannaeve

    mumbled "Update: 2.26.16"

    Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been consistent with the Forever Young chapters :( I can't stress enough how sorry I am... I've just been stuck in a writings block for that fanfic... However, I am trying to get back into it! But while I was waiting for inspiration to strike for a next chapter, I started a new story! If you're into fantasy, this is just the one for you! It's about the Princess of Wenchire who dreams nothing more than to escape from the suffocating walls of her kingdom. As the date where she must take over the throne as queen arises, her desire to escape strengthens...

    Anyway! While I'm working on the next chapter for forever young (again, gonna do my best to get it out as soon as I can!) You might wanna check out Forbidden! It's not a fanfic, but it's the same writing and passionate, forbidden kind of love in forever young!

    XX Adrianna
    Katie Hemmings
    vor 4 Jahren
    I read this book about a half a year ago, and I wanted to read it again, so I did. I read this book again. In the span of 24 hours. This is an amazing book, it needs updated though. I love love love it. It's one of the best ones on this app and one of the first ones I read.
    fan gurl
    vor 3 Jahren
    I love forever young❤️❤️❤️ it is so great
    vor 3 Jahren
    We don't want another book. We want Forever Young. However, I think writing another book will get you back in the writing mood and maybe give you some inspiration for Forever Young. Good luck with everything an just know that we, as readers, are here for you and will support you the whole way.❤
  • adriannaeve

    mumbled "I'm sooo sorry everyone!!"

    To all my followers and readers of Forever Young;

    I am SOOOO sorry I haven't updated in forever!! My life has been so freaking insane this year!! I just started my first job and I'm taking college classes over the summer and everything is just so crazy!! I'm gonna try and get back to writing sometime, I promise... Trust me, it's not over!!! #AshlynForever
    sophie miller
    vor 4 Jahren
    Don't worry about it, just don't forget it
    vor 4 Jahren
    Update soon!! Take your time!!! #AshlynForever
    vor 4 Jahren
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