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Hi, I'm Rouge. I love 5sauce!

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    Hey, It's Rouge. I just want to say that somewhat, the Movellas app is not working for me. I'm using the app. And I try to publish my chapter, but It wouldn't let me. Can you guys help me out if you guys know this problem, can you help me out!? Thanks! I'm still writing, but this is a problem that's coming in to where I can't write.
    Dear, Hemmings
    Dear, Hemmings
    Dear, Hemmings, you're my pen pal. Love, Lizzie.
    lyn amy
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    :/ it's ok ;) hope you can continue soon
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    I hope you like this! :D I would like this book to get more reads, so please share and read more pls. If you have any suggestions you want in the book, you can comment any idea here! Thanks! -Rouge
    Darling Don't You Ever Grow Up
    Darling Don't You...
    Marylyn Irwin is 3 years old. She's the little girl of Ashton Irwin. Follow Marylyn's life around being the little girl of a drummer for a band.
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