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Hey there!

  • Cartoon Cupcake
    Yay! Love the new update! Your a really talented author!
    The Soul Severing
    The Soul Severing
    Sequel to 'The Blood Bond'. Alite Malo awakes in a coffin, underground in an unknown place. As she pieces together the jigsaw puzzle that is her life, she realises that something much stronger than...
  • Cartoon Cupcake
    Username: Fibonacci Tears
    Book Title: Gone
    Genre: Paranormal and Supernatural/Mystery and Suspense
    Specific Pics: silhouette maybe, but not much specific
    Blurb: Gone. nobody really knows what the word means. They have heard of it: it is their heritage. But nobody has ever experienced it. Yet.
    Other: "Nobody has experienced Gone. Yet." As a subtitle.

    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Hello! As the title suggests, I am starting a cover store. Just let me know in the comments if you want one. The wait should be no longer than five days, but please note that I do have other things to...
    Le Fox
    vor 5 Jahren
    Done! I hope you like it!
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