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Hey, I'm Moriciant. Or Mori, if it's easier.

  • Dera'Val Mintra

    The Old War, Anew

    The most ancient forces the world hath ever wrought rise again, returning from a dreary oblivion to settle a fued as old as time itself.
    A Child of the Madness
    Me: *I manage to come back through partially* Ah... Raggy, n-nice to see you again.
    Proteus: *Also coming through shakily* S-so this is a specific soul within Charr?
    Me: Y-Yes.

    Enema: The Tongue, eh? *He chuckles and looks at Nico, speaking a little Arcane*
    Akaido: Brother...you know you should becareful using that tongue.

    Eckhart: El, I'll need you on the tank's primary controls, Z3RO I need you on the monitors while I run the serums. *He smiles* Arya, this way to the decontamination chamber first.
    Dera'Val Mintra
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    Ragnarok: Oh don't sound so jittery Shadow, it's just little old me - Even i like some space, and right now Charrs entire spiritual structure has completely collapsed under the pressure that's been dropped on it, so he's using the opportuity to entierly rebirth himself anew. The poor chap just needs a minute or two.

    Nico: Yeah, that position hasn't had anyone in it fot something like, 130 years since the last one left. There's some right legends about him, he's completely mad apparently. *As he speaks, he feels something open in his mind as if the claws of something insidious were prying their way into his very soul - before it snaps shut and he's literally knocked backwards out of his seat.*

    Arya: Oh, of course. *She follows close, stepping into the chamber, looking for what to do.*
    El: On it doc. *Rolls his shoulders, heading ocer to wait by the main controls.*
    A Child of the Madness
    Me; I am not intentionally being jittery, it's the fact that I have another inside of me, and this one is very independent and well knowing. *I look at him* So how've things been?

    Akaido: *Sighs* I warned you, brother. *He gets up and helps Enema up* This place has a strange aura of it, the whole land does.
    Enema: Heh, I suppose it does afterall. *He chuckles* That was a real whack it was. Right here to the gut. *He grins* I am alright though.

    Eckhart: *He steps behind a wall of gears, valves and many bottles and phials of liquids and glowing energies* Arya, please step onto that circular platform there. You will be encapsulated in a special tube thereafter and liquid and energy of....varying kinds will begin to flood the tube and flow through you though, do not be alarmed.

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