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Hi I'm Evelana but you can call me Lana

I love Wolves if you love Wolves or my stories then like them. Fan me and I will fan you back.

I am:
A Demi-god
District 4
Team Chaol
A fan of imagine dragons
A fan of Taylor swift
A fan of Lawson
A fan of Bastile
Part of the Medusa Project
and a doctor who fanatic

My favorite song at the moment is Young Volcanoes

I like to write stories poems and sometimes play scripts.

Spelling is my weak-point so don't be afraid to tell me I spell something wrong

I hope you enjoy my stories

  • Evelana Sparrow

    Fan fiction advice

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    I have just posted my new book about helping people improve their fan-fictions. Please if you need any advice on how to improve your stories go read it. Thanks xx
    Making Fan fiction BetterThis book is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I am writing this to help people improve what they have already written. If during any part...
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