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i write short stories max 1-5 chapters (cause my motivation drops XD

  • Dumlex
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    More please this is adorable story
    The Bad Boy Has His Reasons
    The Bad Boy Has...
    "Kaelyn, do you know how many guys want you?" I asked her. She shook her head, I could see a hint of confusion in her eyes. "What are you talking about? No guys 'want' me. I'm just plain old me," She...
  • Dumlex
    vor 6 JahrenAntworten
    Please updateee soon! ����
    Innocent Boy [16+]
    Innocent Boy [16+]
    It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't...
  • Dumlex
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    Omg i think too that arianna and justin would be cute together! <3
    Crazy for You
    Crazy for You
    Hey guys! I know most of my stories are in your POV, but I just think that Ariana Grande and Justin would be the cutest couple ever! Plot: They meet each other at a red carpet event. Apparently they...
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