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~ Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my fan ficition/ stories besides fan fic((: I enjoy writing stories for you guys(; Now where's my fans at?!~
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    mumbled "Updates!!!!"

    So I'm finally back lol Well I didn't really go anywhere, rather I was really busy with school. I'm now officially a high school graduate guys!!:D Anyways I will be able to get back to update more often because of summer vacation so yay for all you readers!
  • droolingcash

    mumbled "New Book? Yes? No? Maybe So?"

    So I was thinking of making a new book, but the only catch is it isn't a fan fiction... Sooo I was wondering what you guys think of a romantic book?(; Ahaha I think yes! I really want to because I mean I love a good romantic book. Sorryyyyy! I will still continue the other ones so don't worry!!
  • droolingcash

    mumbled "My Movellas"

    Ight sorry about the slow updates with both stories! I've been so busy with school already. I'm only two weeks into school and I am already hating it... It's my last year of high school so I have been jam packed worrying about college and all that! Sorry again! I will update soon!!
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