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Cover needed

von , Samstag Oktober 15, 2016
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Hey guys so im looking for someone to do a cover for me please. If you can do it please let me know and ill get you the info asap. It will be a realistic fiction novel. Thanks!

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  • Caitlin😈

    mumbled "how is it going?"

    So i haven't been on lately because of personal reasons. But how are all of you guys, anything interesting going on? I missed this place soo much. What are your guy's idea of doing a blog on books i read and based on literature? I hope to get back in contact with yall :)
    vor 1 Jahren
    @[NightshadeCreepypasa] thank you so much! :) Geez i wish i would have been able to do the battle of the fandoms!
    No problem. :) I'm sure you can still do it, you just might not finish (don't worry, there's no way I'll finish either XD )
    vor 1 Jahren
    That's true but at least if i get a majority of it done then ill be good with it lol XD
  • Caitlin😈

    mumbled "Back finally"

    Hey guys so im back, life has been hectic between soccer, school, and family. School is over so expect lots if updates and new stories. Is there anything yuou guys want me to update first? Well I'm excited to be back and can't wait to be more active. <3
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