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"You is smart, you is kind, you is important."
-quote by Viola Davis on The Help
"We're human. We make mistakes."
-quote by William H. Macy on Shameless
"Someone's not someone. And when I figure out who that someone is, someone is in big trouble."
-quote by Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf

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My name is Dezire but family wise people call me Zire for short. I love soccer, it's literally the best sport ever (you can argue all you want, you won't get me to change my mind, I also playXD) and can we just talk about how hot Neymar Jr is? My favorite number is 56, I'm pretty sure I have it in everything lolol. I watch YouTube literally every day (specifically Kian and Jc, David Dobrik, BTS/ GOT7 edit vids, etc.). My favorite bird are owls (such a beautiful specimen), my favorite pet is dogs (specifically German shepherds and huskies), and my favorite animal is llamas (yes, I'm a Twaimz person, it's up above). Hit me up on my social media if you want to. k bye

Instagram: @dezire.jean56

Twitter: @Dezire56

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Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

von , Mittwoch August 22, 2018
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 Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

Random Letters | KTH


Here is a sneak peek to my new story coming out soon. Enjoy!

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  • Zireee

    mumbled "OMG- STORY TIME"

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    Do I have a story to tell you!!

    So, I just got home from a basketball game. It was away and it's JV and Varsity girls. I play on varsity, so the varsity girls are required to watch and support the jv girls. So I'm sitting with the rest of the varsity players on the bleachers as I watch the game. The varsity girls are supposed to go in during JV halftime and change to get ready for the varsity game.

    So when halftime came, I go into the locker room. But in the locker room, they only have one bathroom in there and it didn't have a door, so I'm like "I am NOT peeing in front of all these girls." So I go into the public bathroom. Now, mind you that this school was kind of... shitty. Anyways, I go into the public bathroom and there were only three stalls so I went into the middle one. And you know how there's supposed to be a trash bin on the stall wall? Well, in my stall, there wasn't one. So I set my phone there as I go pee and change.

    Fast forwarding, I left my phone there, fORGETTING it. And I only realized that I left my phone because it was halftime fOR VARSITY. The jv second half game started and ended, 30 mins went by before the varsity game, first half of varsity game started and ended, and I just realized that I left my phone in the bathroom. I started freaking out bc I thought some little girl who didn't have a phone took and stole it and wasn't going to return it. She wouldn't be able to get in it bc of the passcode, bUT STILL. It was my first time losing my phone in a public area. So, second half I completely tuned out the rest of the game not worrying about it bc I so upset with myself that I forgot my phone in a bATHROOM.
    But one of my players thought it was the school's dancers bc they performed during varsity half time so she gave my phone to them. So after the game I'm going around asking if a dancer had returned a missing phone.
    Long story short, one of those dancers did and I got my phone back. I was on the verge of tears because I thought my phone was gone and my mom was going to kill me.

    Okay, end of story : )
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    yeah, but my coach is crazy and I don't have time to hear him yelling at me lol
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Aw you poor thing
    Little Miss Author
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    lol I get that
  • Zireee
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    YOUR REVIEW: I actually read this when you published it. I really like how you have the groups obviously competitive and they're egos are showing. I'm honestly just waiting for the juicy stuff like the drama, and if the groups will fight. I'm ready for that stuff lmao. I think my favorite group will have to be... ELECTRIC, cause, ya know, gotta love my chocolate men (:P) and FIVE. They just give me this dark, but calm and cool vibe you know?
    Battle of the Bands - Movellas episodes!
    Battle of the Band...
    (No this is not a fan fic) Santana Dobre's life has always been what she dreamed of. She's got the band, the friends, the looks, and even the talents! As life decides to over-reward her with a spot...
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    btw did you get my comment in our bts coauthor thingy?
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    no, i'll check
  • Zireee

    mumbled "PSA: FRESH START!"

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    Hey, guys!
    So, for this PSA mumble, @[trbl.] and I are unpublishing our BTS Imagines book just so we can have a fresh start. We're making a fresh start with everything, so new banners, and fixing mistakes in the imagines. Giving it a new look!


    We're just going to restart everything. We'll have it back up and running either next Friday or Saturday. So, if you requested an imagine, it will be done next Friday or Saturday. We'll also have new imagines ready as well.

    Please be patient with us. We hope you'll like the new look. We're really excited about the new start and can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for reading and understanding! xoxo

    -Zireee & trbl.
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    Okay! thanks I'm so excited!
  • Zireee

    mumbled "RANT- sorrynotsorry"

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    I told myself I wouldn't make mumbles on here that isn't writing related, but I can't help myself, I need to rant.

    Okay, so I've played basketball when I was in middle school. I didn't play my first three years in high school, though, because my freshman year, I tore my ACL around the season and then sophomore and junior year, I just didn't want to play. This year, my senior year, I decide to play because basketball is before soccer and I wanted to get into shape for soccer, since it's my senior year and I'm sure there will be some college coaches scouting during the season.
    The girls basketball team, got a new coach this year. It's one of the players on the team dad and he's also a teacher.
    He's not really liked as a coach because he's just a plain asshole. He used to coach high school football with my dad and my dad did not like him at all. So that means my parents really dislike him. He used to coach middle school boys basketball too. The girls' basketball program didn't really have a good program because the previous coach from before didn't really know how to coach like he wasn't that great of a coach. So, our new coach is basically reteaching and changing the girls' mentality from what they were taught before.
    So, last night we had a game. We were so close to beating the team. We were ahead the first half and then something happened where we started doing bad passes and not really good defense which cost us the game and lost.
    The reason for this rant is our new coach is the biggest sarcastic asshole EVER. He makes rude comments about the players when they make mistakes. And yeah, people say unnecessarily stuff or rude stuff when they're heated or mad, but there are just some things you can't say.
    Like one of the comments he'll make is "You're just stupid" and he did say that during the game to a couple of players because they did something wrong. He called one girl on the team the turnover queen.
    It's like teenager sarcastic comments. No other coach says stuff like that. He says these rude comments because he hangs around his daughter and her friends that come over too much. Like I wish you guys could see how his daughter, who is also on the team, and the coach are SOO alike. They are so alike (except she doesn't say rude sarcastic stuff to people like her dad).
    The stuff that he says are like teenager stuff you'd hear. As a coach, you can't say that, especially to a bunch of emotional girls. I know some people don't like it when someone is sexist and I don't like it when people are sexist, but let's be honest. When you say rude, and hurtful stuff like that to a bunch of girls are pretty emotional and their adrenaline is going crazy during the game, they're going to take it really seriously, which messes up their game flow. They're going to take it to the heart and it'll upset them, which will cost the game.
    There was one practice where he was just yelling all the time and saying rude ass comments and like four or five girls were crying because he was yelling at them and getting them upset with the stuff he was saying.
    You're a forty-something-year-old man, you can't just say whatever you want and expect us not to get upset.
    Thought I'd share.
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    OMG HATE THAT! My coach was like that when I was in soccer in...6th grade? I was playing with some high school girls and one girl kept being winey and wouldnt stay on her side of the feild or play her position and we all got called out.
    vor 4 Tagen
    @[Midnight Rogue] oh I'm fine. He doesn't really faze me or scare me, but the other girls who are more sensitive and will take it seriously, those are the ones I'm worried about. Because they're gonna want to quit and as a coach you shouldn't treat girls like that.
    Midnight Rogue
    vor 4 Tagen
    Have you reported him to someone?
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