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My closest friend on here is Silver_The_Demon. She is a really old friend of mine. Like I have known her since she was 5.

  • Aaron_Lycan

    mumbled "My shirt"

    I know it happened two months ago, but still.......... @[Silver_The_Demon] stole my favorite shirt! And i know it will be a while before she comes back up here so now I have to wear another shirt until then. And sorry I got no picture of it.
    vor 2 Monaten
    And you won't get it back. I like this shirt.
  • Aaron_Lycan

    mumbled "When your friends don't know how to act"

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    This is what happens when I leave them alone for even three minutes.
    vor 3 Monaten
    Aah. Those three never new how to act. Never. I feel your pain. Well, Zane is actually innocent in this situation. Travis and Garroth are to blame here. Although I would have thought that Travis would have been the one to say the second part, not Garroth.
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