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I like to write mainly teen romance but will occasionally write about animals. My pen name is a combination of the two things I like best : Minecraft and Demi Lovato. Except from writing, of course. But I couldn't find a way to put that into my name.

  • Demi.Minecraft
    Wait...so Charlotte slipped into a coma after the crash when Kane got shot and she's only just woken up from it? And all this time Harry's been living the story in his dreams? Or have I just got it totally wrong? xD
    You're Mine (+16)
    You're Mine (+16)
    " Nothing in this world can separate us. We are two bodies, but we are connected as one soul in every single way. When I look into your eyes with my eyes, they merge and see the same thing. When I hold...
    Eleanor Calderxx
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    Haha sorry that it's so confusing! I'm trying to explain it as best as I can in the next book, but no, she got in a taxi car crash while she was drunk. That was about 2 years after Kane died. And yeah Harry has been living the story in his dreams, and it will explain why he was later in the next book.
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    Okay, thanks. I can't wait (:
  • Demi.Minecraft
    I really like this story - it's good :) I love the storyline and everything. If you had to improve anything...maybe add more detail to the story so it doesn't move along too quickly. Apart from that, it's great.
    Our Story *COMPLETE*
    Our Story *COMPLET...
    The story about two best friends.Liberty and Natalie, Just like everyone else they were in love with one direction. Never thought they could meet One direction. But what happens when they meet One direction....
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