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I Love 5SOS more than haggis, bagpipes and whiskey.

Got a story called 'Living by His Rules' I kinda like it. I have other unpublished movellas which will come up when when Rules is finished.
movella 1: Living by his Rules - Luke fanfic
movella 2: Demons on the Surface - Michael fanfic
movella 3: To cure a heartbreak - Calum fanfic
movella 4: Stranded - Ashton fanfic


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    mumbled "Plagorised"

    So someone tried to steal my story on wattpad, they took my exact content but changed the names and made it a calum fanfic. And another person just reposted my story as theirs, that's a bit upsetting I worked hard on Living by his rules, it was my first fanic and im really proud of how far its gone
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    Aww I'm so sorry what the heck people are so disgusting I can't even begin. They should have at least given you credit or something....did you say anything to the people that stole your stories?
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    That's so stupid. Why would someone take your story? That's just rude.
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    thats so rude
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