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Dark brown hair brown eyes 16 years old american and very sassy when not knowing it
i am not that very good at writing but i want to improve so i would like to have support and comment on what you think what will help me and what kind of movellas i should write

  • darcy ramada
    i thought you said louis was her twin brother and he did it with her that is messed up
    luck of the irish
    luck of the irish
    Serenity Tomlinson is the twin sister of Louis Tomlinson from one dirction. Her current boyfriend is Nathen Sykes from the wanted but he abussises her. but what happens when a little irish lad develops...
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  • darcy ramada
    update this is a awsome story
    How To Survive With Mr. Styles.
    How To Survive Wit...
    •–ON HOLD!!–• Lottie Seas is just a Fashion freak applying for a job at Styles Vogue. A company created by the handsome, cocky, arrogant, and possessive Harry Styles. Ecstatic to get the job she's always...
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