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Name: Darcy
16 Years old :P
As you can tell from all my stories, I am a Directioner!! haha xD
Harry's my favorite btw haha!! :)

Please comment, favorite and like my stories!!! Love y'all!!!!

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    Esmie asked that when are you gonna update "come back to me" and she also said that if you don't, she'll kill you (Not my words you know how much we both love that story but she's the one who wanna kill ya if you don't update. Just sayin ._. )
    My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept. Being abused caused me to stay mute.. But can he change that?
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    Oh My God!!! You were so right!! I finished it and it made me cry so badly!!! And keep addin more into this movella, it's great!!
    Dont Leave Me *EDITING*
    Dont Leave Me *EDI...
    Esmeralda a 14 year old moved to cheshire which sucked because she was far away from home and she missed her friends. Her mother wanted to move because she thought it was the right thing to do after Esmeralda...
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