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  • RIker_Weiler

    mumbled "My movellas "

    Do you know how rude it is when people just put more, or update? Yes, I understand you like my movella but when an author is writing they don't think of an idea for the chapter off the top of their head. And right now I can. So please stop just putting more, or update. Please say when you'd like to see me put it up, or help me with ideas for the chapter if you want me to update sooner.
  • RIker_Weiler

    mumbled "Writing "

    You know it takes time and effort to write,
    Then when your rushed with people saying UPDATE ASAP.
    It puts them under pressure, they won't update everyday. They're trying to come up with the best ideas.
    Only if people understood that
    please read my movella "his other half" or/and "More than friends" It would mean alot! thank you so much! sorry for bothering you! thanx
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    Hey i would like to know if u could help im trying to figure out how to publish but still update like ur awesome stories so please help
    vor 6 Jahren
    What do you mean?
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