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My name is Corey, but you can call me Cory, Cor, Cave, Robert, Rob, a pineapple, whatever you want.
I write stories and stuff, fanfics mostly, but I also have an original series I'm working on, which I'll be uploading to here at later date.

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    Excellent post Am.
    Bullying for such things like that is very wrong and sick, Just because your religion tells you something is wrong never gives you the permission to bully them for it. Different religions carry different belief sets, that I get, but belief doesn't excuse bullying. ever.
    The worst part is these same people expect themselves to get somewhere with their witnessing, when they bully people for things that aren't hurting others. It's sick.
    I believe Christians should be open to be friends with all sorts of people, and treat everyone with respect, even if they aren't always living by their personal view of the Bible.

    And the lives lost in that shooting was a tragedy, I still can't believe someone was cruel enough to do that. If I remember right it was done in the name of the Islamic faith, but as a Christian I can't deny that people have done the very same in the name of the Christian faith, and that needs to stop.

    Religious people cannot persecute others on the grounds of their religious beliefs, and I believe people that commit such violent acts will be ironically burning in hell for their crimes.

    Having many bi, and pan friends, (one of which being you) I am disgusted by this repulsive behavior in the name of any faith. Though I'd be disgusted even I didn't. For those were innocent people, just like you and me.

    I pray to this day for the families that lost their loved ones in that tragic incident, no one should be murdered for their sexuality, or gender. Only other sick and twisted people, should have to suffer at the hands of sick and twisted people such as Omar Mateen.
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    Corey that was lovely ^^
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    OMG SO SAD. ;-;
    Good work though! ^_^ Can't wait to see the next chapter.
    The Other Side
    The Other Side
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    Nice story! Would try to think of a better comment but I got nothing.
    Hope to see more soon. :P NOW I'MMA GO READ YOUR OTHERS.
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