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Hi. I like one direction

  • tropicalharrybanana

    mumbled "Writing again....?"

    Hello everyone so I don't know if anyone remembers me or not but Ive been on here since I was 12, now I'm 14 YAY! lol but I just wanted to say that I have missed writing and miss you guys so much. I honestly forgot how to write basically so in my next story. Please Please forgive me if it doesn't make sense, if I spelled something wrong, or if the grammar is so bad.

    Thank you! xx
    well hello

    I don't remember you

    but I'm following you

    I'm gonna stalk your acc and figure out who you are
  • tropicalharrybanana
    Okay so I'm kind of pissed off by the fact that someone really had the nerve to comment that I was a selfish bitch cause I have the username "Tropicalharrybanana" like are actually freaking kidding me?? Of course I deleted the comment which was on my new Movellas. But are literally calling me a selfish bitch for taking this user just cause they wanted it?! Like I don't get it and people are annoying me on here as well. Saying like OMG I HAVE 100 fans!!!!!!!1!!!1 I'm soooo popular" look at me harry wants me omg!!!!!1!!!!

    Like who else is sick of this bull crap.. ��
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