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Niall 's princess ❤

I was lost in every direction, until I found that ONE DIRECTION. xX

twitter & Kik: @Chuabells18
Wattpad: PrincessCaycia

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    Hi! Can i have a room please? :) My favorite colors are baby pink and lime green. I have 4 dogs, A Havanese named champ, A Patterdale Terrier named Oroe, A half Dachshund half German Pinscher named Rocket and A half Tibetan Terrier, half something (I forgot! -_-) named MM. I have a guitar and i take pictures of random stuff and people (I'm so weird.).. I love cooking for.. well, anyone. :))
    Movellas Apartment Center *On hold for now*
    Movellas Apartment...
    Welcome to Movellas Apartment Center( or MAC for short)! This is where you can request a room and I'll do the rest! Read the first chapter to find out more.
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    okay lol about the cooking! We will put it up as soon as we can!
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    Guys! I'm sorry if i haven't been updating, It's just that my computer kinda broke and i'm using my phone now, but the problem is that i can't update or make another chapter on Fall and My fairytale, So until my computer is broken, read 'complicated' first. :)
    Well let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy.She fell in love with her best friend when he's around, She feels nothing but joy, but he was already broken, and it made him blind but he could never...
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