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Sophia CarPerSanti was born with her mind lost in another world. Not too strangely, writing is her only passion since childhood, and so there's not much one can do to correct what was weird right from the start. Once deprived of writing total mental breakdown follows and yeah, nothing good comes out of it. And so there are a lot of books and manuscripts inside boxes and drawers just waiting for an opportunity to see the light of day. I hope you enjoy my beloved ones as much as I enjoyed creating them ♥

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  • CarPerSanti

    mumbled "Finally Finished ^_^"

    Finally uploaded the last chapter to Blood of the Pure ^_^
    Thank you so much for keeping me company during these 30 long chapters.

    This was the first book of this type I wrote and, as all first times, it still holds a very special place in my heart.

    I do hope you enjoyed it. Above all I hope you’re note cursing the author too much, crying tears of blood or any other drastic expressions of anger? disgust? killing intent? =^_^= nyaaaa!
    Please don’t curse the author too much for I do believe in the power of negative thoughts? curses? and so on.
    Anyways, if you enjoyed Blood of the Pure, please write a review (without spoilers lol Have you suffered reading it? Please don’t ruin the suffering for others to come ohohohoho! *_*) Vote for it and so on. Depending on the feedback I receive I’ll continue to write on this platform (since I had never written anything online I started on a few different platforms and ended up dropping them as time went by and I felt that they weren’t a comfortable home for my children - yes I’m insane like that!). Also, don’t forget to follow Gaea 2 - Light of the Shadow ... A different story, yes, but well ... the world is such a small place after all.
    Hope you had fun. Hope you laughed and cried (or at least felt like it, and not out of despair for the hundreds of never ending pages). Hope you fell in love. And hope you liked it enough to keep following my work.

    Love and Kisses,

    The insanely crazy Author!

    The End
  • CarPerSanti

    mumbled "=^_^="

    Hi you all! I’m back!!

    I've just uploaded chapter 28 of Blood of the Pure and I'm already drooling on my keyboard from falling asleep on it. So, for those of you who follow my other novel, Denial, so sorry! Please forgive me! But I'll only update it tomorrow (guaranteed!)

    Do remember to send the author your love by commenting and leaving reviews on her works! ^_^ That way I’ll also get to understand if I should keep uploading more books or no, or if I should drop a project and start a new one.

    For those of you that usually leave comments for me, once more, thank you!! The author loves you! ��

    Wish you all a wonderful week!
    Rain :)
    vor 1 Monaten
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    Hey! I guess I'm heading to your page to do some serious reading!
    vor 1 Monaten
    I hope you like it ^_^
    Rain :)
    vor 1 Monaten
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    Sure I will. :)
  • CarPerSanti

    mumbled "=T_T="

    Hi you all!

    I just finished updating both my novels since it will be at least 4 days before next update.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to update them before Tuesday.

    This weekend I'll have extra work so yeah, if I manage a couple of hours of sleep I'll thank the heavens above -_- So ... no writing T_T It's like a horrible punishment! But I do need the money so there's no way around it.

    Anyways I wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of wonderful magical readings (and writings for those of you who enjoy creating as much as reading). At least a better weekend than mine T_T

    I want to wriiiitteeeeeee!! -_- (and madness begins to take root ...)
  • CarPerSanti

    mumbled "Sleeepyyyy -_-;"

    I just uploaded chapter 26 of Blood of the Pure

    # Gaea 1 - Blood of the Pure* Know more about the books and read earlier releases on the official site: * What would you do if in this world there...

    I'm so sleepy ... Normally I only have 5, 6 hours max to sleep. And today my neighbors started hammering and 6h00 am -_- So, if you find any mistakes let me know. I'm really making an effort to stay awake, right now. But I just wanted to update it with another chapter, since I told you I'd do it ... yesterday ... -_- RL sucks!

    Well, I hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense right now ��
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    I function on an average of 4 to 5 hours of sleep a day, but I've gone days without sleeping to get work done. I think the funniest thing about it is typing on your computer and thinking how long you've been working, then all of sudden you wake up on your keyboard.
    But I know how you feel, especially as an author when we work for hour in front of a hypnotizing computer screen!
    vor 1 Monaten
    Oh yeah ... I'm familiar with the waking-up-drooling-all-over-the-keyboard experience lol When that happens I always pray it doesn't all short circuit my entire work straight to hell -_-
    vor 1 Monaten
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    I know right! XD
  • CarPerSanti

    mumbled "One more to go!"

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    So, I just finished uploading chapter 12 of Denial. Only one more chapter to go on this volume. Unlike my other series of novels, Gaea, where each book have an end to itself, The Gemstone of Ominium goes on, and on ... and there's still a lot to happen :)

    I love this story a lot and it's one of the first things I ever written. As such the translating, reviewing and editing part takes a lot of time. Also, although I have a lot of stuff written (like in paper, lots of real paper) the structure of the drafts isn't solid enough for my taste, and so I am trying my best to correct that. As I do so, my loving characters tend to take this opportunity and do as they please, and suddenly everything changes ... -_-

    Still, Denial is already complete (just need to review the last chapters yet again), and the next volume, Pain, is mostly done too (though only in draft form. I will review it as I upload it here).

    The story is very complex, with lots of stuff happening at the same time because there are a lot of important characters, so I guess it won't be to the liking of those of you who prefer things to happen at a fast pace.

    Still, I enjoy writing it a lot and so I'll stick to it, if nothing else, out of personal pleasure. For those of you who enjoy this style of novel, I'm very happy to share this voyage with you all ^_^

    Please let me know what you think, if you find any mistakes, if you think something is out of place or if you simply think that a specific scene isn't needed and is just plainly boring (ehehe). Believe me, I'm also doing a lot of cutting ^_^;

    I hope you're enjoyed so far. If you do, please support the author before she collapses from starvation beside her pc ^_^

    I'll try and update again during the next week. I juggle several part-time jobs at the same time, so sometimes my schedule is a bit chaotic, to say the least.

    Until then, wish you all pleasant readings and, above all, lots of fun! ��
    Jade Wolffe
    vor 1 Monaten
    She is so cute and you are so dedicated! I admire it :) I work too and not 2 jobs, although, trust me, financially, I need it. But, I barely ever make time to work on my writing plus I forget a lot and then get behind or miss out on competitions. Props to you! Take your time and know that there's no rush or audience that's bugger than yourself. Good luck! ❤️
    vor 1 Monaten
    Yeah ... being a writer or and artist, for that matter, is never easy ^_^ One must really love what he does and be ready to sacrifice a lot. My time is always very short too and always try to take advantage of any free time I have. Like when commuting from one place to the other. Subways and buses are always inspirational places ehehehe! Since I practically go insane if I don't write (and I did go through that a few years ago) there's not much I can do but write ^_^
    We just have to advance one step at a time, right? :)
    All the luck to you too ��

    P.S. I checked your books. They look pretty interesting! Have to actually read them, when I get the time -_-
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