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im not great at writing. its just something i do when im bored so pls no hate! xx love you all and pls follow my fan page on Instagram magconfamily109

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    Update pleasssssssseeeeee!!!!!
    Wretched Trauma
    Wretched Trauma
    Avery is an eighteen year old outcast, joining sixth form, for her final year of A Levels, before University. Before she started a new school, she was bullied, both verbally and physically. At her new...
  • cara_styles
    My name is Cassie o-o cool :) lol
    Please Don't Leave Me [An Andrew Biersack Love Story]
    Please Don't Leave...
    Cassie doesn't really know anything about love but all she knows is she likes this guy at her school. Everyone wants to know who this mystery guy is. All the girls are talking about him saying "OMG, he...
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    Help me? I have blue eyes red hair, 5 ft 2 inches, English and my name is Cassie
    Help Me?
    Help Me?
    Hi my name is Giavana but call me Gia. I am suicidal. I've tried to kill myself 3 times and failed. I also cut. It's like a addiction and I can't stop. My parents died when I was 5 so now I live in a orphanage...
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