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I don't use this anymore. Follow me on wattpad @ ihatethisband. Most of these stories aren't on there but other great ones are. And all of my smut is on there too, but there's more chapters on there than on here.

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    Two years ago I was obsessed with Movellas. Now I'm obsessed with Wattpad. My, oh my, how those tables have turned.
    Guys follow me on Wattpad @ ihatethisband, where you can read my stories that aren't even on here and where you don't have to worry about people reporting my smut because "it violates the Movellas code of conduct."
    vor 5 Jahren
    vor 5 Jahren
    It's not hard XD
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    Does anyone wanna help me get Ashton's follow? I'm tweeting a bunch of the people that he follows and asking them to rt a tweet for me. My goal is 500 rt's but I don't even care if I get that many if Ashton follows me. I would say that I want his follow, but I don't- I need it. He's the only reason that I'm still breathing and it would mean the world to me. I swear I would never self-harm or try to kill myself ever again if he follows me. And for those of you that help, I will write you a short story of whatever you want and spam your user to him. I promise. Please help me. There's nothing that I've ever wanted more than this in my entire existence.
    If you choose to help me, private message me on wattpad (link in bio) so I can send you the link to the tweet.

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