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Fuck a bio...

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    Thank you emma for accepting my request for being tribute of the annual movella books. May the odds be ever in your favor...lol
    The Nerd Next Door
    The Nerd Next Door
    The last year of high school. Olivia's friend has made a challenge for their group and whoever completes it, will win a very fortunate prize. But while this contest goes on, things will get out of hand....
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    Lmfaooooo update plzzz
    Good Girl Or Bad?---A Five Seconds Of Summer FanFic---
    Good Girl Or Bad?-...
    Katrina Clifford. Bad past, empty future. She reunites with her brother Michael and old best friend Calum, as well as meets her brother's band, which includes Calum and two new faces. One boy in particular...
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