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    So today I got pushed down the stairs at school twice. This girl doesn't like me and I was talking to one of my friends. Then next thing I know she is saying how annoying I am and that she wants to punch me in the face and that she hates me. I was talking to one of my friends and I told him that if she wants to say something about me then to say it to my face. Then she told her friend that she would love to push me down the stairs and hopes that no one would help me up and that they would just step on me and laugh. She pushed me once a and then laughed and was all upset that I didn't fall. Then she push me again I didn't fall again. Then my friend turned around and told her to say it to my face.
    ur welcome
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    You are a great friend Emily. Thanks girly for always being there for me.
    Awww. ur welcome!
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