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ღ English is my second language
ღ Still in school. Sucks!
ღ Dancing
ღ Singing
ღ Teenager
ღ Soccer

A DIRECTIONERS and 5sos fam

♡ Liam Payne
♡ Niall Horan
♡ Luke Hemmings
♡ Lily Collins
♡ Emma Watson

♫ One Direction
♫ 5 Seconds of Summer
♫ Kelly Clarkson
♫ Avril Lavigne
♫ Demi Lovato
♫ Taylor Swift

  • BethanyLanter
    Oh my freaking god!!! I'm in love with this book. Post chapter 2 ASAP!!
    Invisible ➵ h. s
    Invisible ➵ h. s
    "If you help me, I'll grant one of your wishes." I said. Well just to clear out, I'm not an angel. ghosts cannot grant damn wishes. I just had to fool her. And I will tell her later, after...
    vor 5 Jahren
    thanks! chappter 2 coming up :)
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