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    We all have a first love. The one person we never forget who shows up in our dreams and has the qualities of our dream man. My first love? His name was Cole McGowan. He was every girl’s dream and my best friend. I moved around a lot as a kid but the one person I always tried to keep in touch with was him. Although as time grew, the distance between us grew and before we realized it we had stopped talking. Soon, we became two strangers who liked each other’s posts on Instagram. I don't know about him but I never forgot him. At 18, I never imagined I would return to the place where we grew up and made most of our memories. It had been 8 years since I had met him and yet here I am. I had bumped into him that morning at Starbucks and it brought back a rush of memories I didn't even know I had. Sitting there sipping my coffee I was dragged backed into the past that I tried hard not to visit. To keep the hole in my heart from becoming bigger.
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    Sounds interesting! I think you should definitely go for it. :)
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