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    Another great chapter! Update more please :)
    Effie is an average 16 year old girl, with a secret that nobody knows. When her whole school thought she was away at her Great-Grandparents house in Russia, she was actually at a mental health hospital...
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    It took longer to update than I planned haha, my computer wouldn't connect to the internet for a whole day and then I had complete writers block haha! Thank you so much for reading again :)
  • Anything you want
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    Yesssss!! Can't wait to see what'll happen in the morning ahhhh!!!!!! Thank you and update <33
    Over and Out
    Over and Out
    Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt...
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    OMG!!! This is one of the best stories I have ever read !! I just love everything!!! The idea that it is about werewolf but a boyxboy version is new and creative!!! I'm going to read thi story till the end so please make it long because I don't want it to end!!! Thank you and update ASAP!! <3333
    I'm wanted by Two (BxB)
    I'm wanted by Two...
    16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves,...
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    Awe~ you're so kind :) Thank you! That means a lot to me! ^_^
    I'll try my best to make this story a little long, but I can't promise anything, lol
  • Anything you want
    It's delightful as always! Thank you so much for updating and I hope to see more coming in the next days! <3
    Dangerous Love
    Dangerous Love
    There's a girl name Melissa. Ever since she was a little girl, she was very beautiful and had a complicated personality that even girls fall for her. She's not really that outgoing and she hardly shows...
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