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if i hear expensive girl one more time i swear im gonna kill someone
Hi! ❤️ I love Kpop
ARMY ❤️ jimin ❤️
EXO - L ❤️ Suho ❤️
Bee ❤️ Zico ❤️
V.I.P ❤️ G-Dragon ❤️ ( dear god, i miss bigbang so fxcking much )
Did you know that G-Dragon is two syllables? No? Yes. Da-ddy. ;)
damn, kpop is my life

the lesbo in me has a huge crush on Jisoo of Blackpink and Irene of Red Velvet.
Casually has GD X TAEYANG Good Boy and Exo Monster stuck in my head
By the way, I know my pp is Zico, which doesn't match my name

LGBTQ+ - Pan

Working on a g-dragon fanfic, finishing my yoongi fanfic, and starting my zico fanfic

Pray for
Jimin and RM's depression
And never give up!
If you want to meet BTS ( me too bxtches ;-; ), then get the balls to get tickets and go to a fansign
me personally am a international army
literal hell.

sorry i'll go die now
love you all

turns on bang bang bang
Non k-popper: bang bang bang into the room
Me: smiles
Friend: don't
Me: smiles
Friend: oh god
My Parents: oh god
My cat: oh god
Jesus: oh no
Oppa: oh god
The earth: oh god
Me: BANG!BANG!BANG! Bangbangbang BANG!BANG!BANG! bangbangbang

( thannkss.. kiana vick on youtube. needed this. )

hiii is my adopted brother related to kim seokjin?

von , Montag November 19, 2018
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Is my adopted brother related to Kim Seokjin?

Okay. I'm adopted. I'll admit that. So is my brother. His father was Korean and his mother, i dont even know. My parents right now don't even know his birthfather.

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