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Life is something beautiful, but mysterious as well. It can bring magical and horrible things. But, make the most of what you have.

  • FeelTheLove

    mumbled "New penname"

    I have a new pen name and I'm making a Niall series called Unsettled! I will frequently update it so please come check it out! I'm also undegoing major revising and editing with Breathe Me and Victim, so don't forget to read them too.
  • FeelTheLove

    mumbled "New penname"

    I want to start fresh, make a new movella, but if i do that I need a loyal person who would be obliged to co-authoring it. Since I haven't finished my Niall ones yet, I will work on completely finishing it and making a serious called Unsettled. I now promise I will continue to frequently update because I've been really usy with sports and academics, so please fan me and if you would like to co-author, please tell me below.
    I will NOT get rid of Breathe Me or Victim. I will revise and edit them and try to make them better! Love you all!
  • FeelTheLove

    mumbled "I'M BACK"

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    I haven't been on in 3 months. 3. Whole. Months. But because of that, I'm going to update Breathe Me because I love you all so much. Tell me what you want to happen or what you predict whats gonna happen and how have you guys been/ You might also want to reread it first since its been so long.
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