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нσмє ιѕ ωнєяє ι ¢αи вє υgℓу αи∂ ѕтιℓℓ вє ρяєfє¢т! Everyone is a star waiting to shine.:]⚓❦∞ ❤️9-14-14❤️seen One Direction 08-19-14 Jehvoahs Witness

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    I hope Fran, Eleanor, and Marissa get better! I ship Larissa! <3
    The Popularity Project Book 1
    The Popularity Pro...
    ~Book 1 of 3~ One Direction is not famous. "I dare you to make Marissa McCann popular, and you've got to date her!" Angelica said, laughing. "I bet you can't do it." Angelica said, laughing again. "Oh...
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    Tour Bus 301 [n.h]
    Tour Bus 301 [n.h]
    Book 2 - “I don’t know if I should go on tour with you,” My smile fades. “You are coming on tour with us,” Niall replies, while a smirk forms upon his face. “But, what about Daisy. She will find out,”...
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    #Jiamm!!! likey.. no love this book!!!!

    His Doll (+16)
    His Doll (+16)
    I was just a toy in his hands and the problem is that I loved it , cuz if I said no he would leave I wanted him to be mine in the same time that I am his but he was carefree he didn't think of me all...
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