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♥Hi. My name is Alisha and this is my other account! My other one is Royal Shameless Imperfect.♥

♥I don't like fakers or liars, and if you don't like that you can leave my page♥

[] Single
[] Taken
[♥] Mentally dating Hayes Grier

My birthday is on January 30! I love Unicorns! They're just so beautiful (*.).(*.)! People think I'm a girly girl but I'm not and I'm not a tomboy, I'm just in between!


About Me:
-Weird,Crazy,Loud,Fun,Clumsy,Funny, Sassy,Kind, Nice, I keep it real :3
-I like Unicorns,Pandas,Tigers,Lions and more animals
-I like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Wattpad, Vine, Youtubers, Viners, Magcon Boys, O2l, CreepyPasta, Anime, Adam Sandler Movies, NARNIA, and more.

Favorite Artist and band:
-Cher Lloyd
-Ariana Grande
-Demi lovato
-Nicki Minaj
-One direction
-The Vamps
- Paramore
-Panic! At The Disco
-and more

You hate me? I don't remember being born for you to love me
~Alisha Emily Rodriguez Rivera

I might not be Perfect, But I know you aren't either
~Alisha Emily Rodriguez Rivera

I might look alive outside but I feel dead inside.
~Alisha Emily Rodriguez Rivera

Bullies bring others down because they want them hurt, but they get hurt the most in the end.
~Alisha Emily Rodriguez Rivera

Thats All.BYE! ENJOY YOUR LIFE! �� ��

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