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I'm from Ireland. ���� maybe that's why I'm so lucky haha jk no ��������

  • Alanna Hefferon
    Update please it's so good ����
    Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*
    Fight for Love or...
    Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend" Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer...
  • Alanna Hefferon
    Update please u are such a good writer ��❤️❤️
    Hermione Gaunt
    Hermione Gaunt
    After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a...
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