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༺Giving up is one thing and relentlessly trying and falling down is another.༻
Hi, Mochi here I'm a bit slow on publishing and writing story very unmotivational.

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    mumbled "Hercules"

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    mumbled "Twenty One Pilots"

    Silence id what I have.
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    I love this song's lyrics. one of my fave 21 pilots songs.
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    mumbled "Anyone?"


    Funny lol
    Y I K E S
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    On discord I am the Llama lord
     dani  bf/dcd
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    mumbled "Bummer"

    What's your favorite colour(s)? Green, grey, black, white.
    What's your favorite animal? Snow leopard :p
    What's your favorite dessert? Hm..Those soft icing cookies! Yum! So yummy in mah tummy.
    If you could have a wish what would it be? If I had a wish I'd probably wish for my mother's cancer to heal and nit be in her head anymore.
    What's your goal in life?
    To help children at the hospital and bring them another fun day.
    What do you want to be when you grow up? Lol Become a nurse that's gonna be after I graduate when i'm a senior.
    What grade are you in? 11th Junior ;P
    Favorite word? Ooh no if I had to choose i'd be Meep.
    Do you love someone? If so who? My mom, Dad and brothers.
    Are you in love? No i'm not.
    Are you dating? No n.n
    Do you have a crush? No ��
    Will you get married someday? Yes I will.
    Where would you get married? In Hawaii :D out on the beach during sunset. My dream wedding.
    What type of girl/guy do you like? Straightfoward, honest, someone who doesn't lie or even tries to hide something, he wouldn't keep secrets from me, he has a very noble personality, he's respectful but if I had to choose only three aspects I'd choose honest, noble, amd respectful.
    Who did you text last night? My last text was @[Sanguine]
    One word that describes you? Honest.
    Favorite story on movellas? It could be one of yours as well. Crismon Chains by @[uniqueandextraordinary] if you are an anime person I recommend this story to you.
    How many kids would you want to have? Two. One girl, One boy or I'll be fine with just one :) I love kids even if there bad and stuff.
    Tagging @[Emily Is A Penguin] @[Black Beast] @[Luke J.R] @[_Karma_] and @[Evan R.J]
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    You got to it before me! Ok I'll do it
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    mumbled "Tagged by Emi"

    Any scars?: A few. One is barely visible
    Self harmed?: Yes
    Kissed anyone?: No
    Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
    Someone I hate: I hate when you do something I disliked and was wrong of you to do especially if it was towards me.
    Ever been in love?: yes
    Last time I cried?: Yesterday
    Favorite color?: Green
    Height?: 5'4
    Birthday?: September 10th
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color?: Dark brown
    Obsession?: Halo, Zombie, alien movies
    Do I love someone?: In a romance way no.In family way I have a few.
    Nickname?: Lulu, Lucy
    On movellas: Skie
    Favorite song: Sanctuary by Gareth Emery
    Faded by Alan Walker
    Worst thing ever?: Racist Presidents, Racist People, and Haters
    Ever dated?: Yes
    Worst Mistake?: Avoiding and not having father daughter time.
    everything to?: My mom
    Ever Lost someone?: My grandmother and two sibilings of mine.
    Food I hate?: Veggies :D
    Favorite movie?: 24 weeks later.
    Am I okay?: IlI guess
    Am I in a relationship?: No