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Hey, It's Ailanny, Ailanny Diaz! Now, I come from a small town with good book Ideas. I want to write for you guys and I want to be an Author.

I love any kind of books romance, horror, action, adventure, fanfiction, smut, comedy, any kind of books you name it.
I'm glad to be back and continue writing for you guys

I will take some breaks over time but nothing is stopping me from writing.

Anyone can write and become an Author.


Thank you all so much for reading my books <3 It means a lot to me! I love you all <33 Always believe in yourself!

I'M BACK!!!!!

von , Mittwoch April 25, 2018
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 I'M BACK!!!!!
I'm back guys! Guess what... I'm gonna finish these books for all of you...aaaaand I'm writing a new book which is gonna be a horror one. I've never written horror books so this is gonna be my first time. I hope that you're gonna like it. I will continue writing my other books just in case you guys thought I was dead. 

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