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    mumbled "An Observation"

    I know I've only been on this site for a few weeks, but in trying to connect with people, I have found it hard. Most of the 'active' accounts have massive follower counts and are not quite cliquey, but just intimidating... Like you never know if you can be friends with them because they're so popular and talk to so many people.

    So I propose this.... A load of active accounts with fairly low follower counts, making friends, sharing work and supporting one another? What do y'all say?
    A Writer's Soul
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    Yay! @[C A P T A I N] You're so cool! :)
    Y I K E S
    vor 2 Jahren
    My follower account isn't massive, but I try to follow everyone back XD
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    I don't have a ton of followers but I think your already following me, but I would love to be friends and get to know you better! :)
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    For the Story of the Week:
    Title:Silver and Gold
    Author: Le Fox
    Reason: It's really poetically written and has a pretty refreshing plot while also being a Greek myths rebelling. I haven't read many things like this, plus this is kind of the first stories I've read in here, it's really good.

    Interview One
    Author: C A P T A I N
    Questions: How they get inspiration, their favourite books, their characters.
    Movellians  Magazine
    Movellians Magazi...
    Welcome to the magazine for Movellians! Inside is QOTD's, articles, Stories of the Week, competitions and interviews with fellow members! Join the MM family in our weekly story series and add on to help...
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    Thank you for the suggestions! Le Fox is an amazing story teller and Alora (C A P T A I N) always has so much inspiration. These are awesome. :)
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    Hey here's some CC. In return could you read my story please? :)

    I really love your writing style, honestly. It's really poetic but you also know when to include more fast-paced sentences and action scenes, which is good. I think that the last chapter in particular felt a bit rushed in places, however I guess that is to be expected.

    Hope this was helpful!
    Silver and Gold
    Silver and Gold
    [Entry for Strange the Dreamer competition - Option One] Artemis and Apollo are brother and sister - two halves of a whole. Artemis has always been the wild one, the dreamer, the adventurer. But her...
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