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  • plutocastiel
    Title: Oops Twins
    Author: xMikeyx
    What its about: Cyd Hemmings is your average girl living the norm, everything changes when her best friend trys to fiind who she really is when she sees how scarily similar she is to rockstar Luke Hemmings
    Subtitle/caption: "He's not my brother!" She's not my sister"
    Description: an american style road, Luke Hemmings and a blond girl with blue eyes and a few tattos if you can!

    Thank you:)
    Cover Store OPEN
    Cover Store OPEN
    If you comment, I publish your cover within and hour or less of your request, unless I have technical difficulties. Covers for any story. Please give me credit when using my covers. I do profile pictures...
     dani  bf/dcd
    vor 3 Jahren
    Your very welcome.
     dani  bf/dcd
    vor 3 Jahren
    Did the email go through?
    vor 3 Jahren
    yeah it did! its the cover for it too!
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